Thursday, 1 July 2010

A toe in the water

This is something like my fourth attempt at a blog, and none of the others have really survived past three or four entries. Of course there's no guarantee that this one will either. But I think it might.

See, I've never really had anything that interesting to blog about before. But now I do. My novel, Before I Go to Sleep, is taking off in totally unexpected, utterly wonderful ways. My life is changing, tipping and shifting, and I'd like somewhere to record the thoughts and feelings that come to me as it does. I'd like some way of sharing the experience of having a book published with other people who write, or who might want to. I'd like (though of course it's far too early to hope for such a thing) this blog to become a dialogue between me and those that are interested in what I'm doing (so please comment - that way at least I'll know that someone is reading what I write). But for now I'll settle for this blog being a repository for any random musings that don't sit happily anywhere else. Like this one.


Anonymous said...
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Jenny P said...

Congratulations on your published novel, and on persisting with your blog. I'm an Australian reader looking forward to starting your book this weekend. I saw your page on goodreads so thought I'd track back to find your blog and here I am at the beginning having dipped in and out of your delightfully honest,well it seems so, blog.

I've put off reading your book, even though my bookclub friends have all recommended it, because I've just finished a young adult novel built on a similar premise. "Forgotten" by Cat Patrick is a tale about a 16year old girl who also forgets the day's events at exactly 4.33am each day. Not wanting to confuse the two books I put yours on hold, but this weekend I'll break it open. Can't wait.

JeOdTiLo said...

Congratulations Watson! I’d finished reading your book a couple of weeks ago. It was the second title chosen for the book club I begun hosting on March 2012 (we’re called books and The City and we are from Isabela, Puerto Rico). Since I read the excerpt on Amazon I was curious about it, and it was definitely a page turner like the New York Times described it. Good job! And so far two of my girls have said they’re hooked with the book! Because I’m preparing the book discussion for my Wednesday meeting, I came here to read more about you and the book and as you can see I came to your first post. I’m not too sure I can read the whole blog until Wednesday BUT I’ll have a better sense about all of it. Definitely will be keeping in touch about the movie (I’m a movie freak and some of my girls too) and your second novel. Maybe third, fourth… who knows, right? So, good job! And keep writing!