Friday, 15 October 2010

The latest incarnation

I thought I'd just share the latest incarnation of Before I Go to Sleep. This is bound, but not copy edited, ready for me to give to a very famous author indeed to see if they'll do me the very great honour of reading it. Fingers crossed!


Jayne said...

Fingers crossed for you. I am really enjoying these peeks into life pre-book-on-the-shelves. It is all very inspiring!

S J Watson said...

Thanks so much Jayne. I just hope people are finding it interesting!


Vikki said...


I'm a bit new around here but I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying reading your blog (even if the gym comment did make me shiver). I shall definitely be seeking out a copy of before I go to sleep (and of course the many many more there are to come :-)


S J Watson said...

Don't worry Vikki - I think everyone's pretty new here! Thanks for your comment. Glad you're enjoying my random thoughts here and I hope you enjoy Before I Go to Sleep too, when it comes out!