Friday, 25 November 2011

Crossing Border and Polari

So, it's been a busy time lately. Things are gearing up for the UK publication of Before I Go to Sleep (or #B4IGTS, as we've christened it for the purposes of Twitter. BIGTS looked a little bit too much like BIGOTS for comfort, and "B4" has a nice, hip, urban feel, doesn't it? It almost feels like it could be a Prince song, now...) which is set for January 5th, 2012. I've not had to do that much, to be honest, but I know Transworld have been very busy - making sure that the book looks stunning (it will!) and everything is set for release. I can't say too much (anything, in fact), but there are exciting things on the horizon.

What else? I did an event for Grazia in Hampstead, at the Waterstones there. I really enjoyed it, and got to meet, and be interviewed by, Decca Aitkenhead, who was fantastic. It was a lovely audience, too, and we got to chatting about the book, about my writing tips (which seemed to boil down to 'Write badly if necessary, every day') and how I'd come to the concept of Before I Go to Sleep. Afterwards, in the pub, I learned all about TOWIE, which I hadn't realised existed...

Then, last weekend, I was at Crossing Border in Den Haag (Saturday) and Antwerp (Sunday). Such a great festival - a really eclectic mix of music, and it was lovely that the authors were sharing the same stage as the musicians, rather than being in a different venue, as seems to happen at some festivals that purport to mix music and literature. It was a busy time for me, but thoroughly enjoyable. Amongst others, I caught Gavin Friday's set, and also Low Anthem, and I particularly enjoyed sitting at the back of the bus that took us all from Holland to Belgium with the musicians, listening to them talking about snare sounds and drugs.

Listening to people talk about drugs. How rock and roll am I?

Anyway, no sooner was I back from Crossing Border than it was time for Polari. I was particularly looking forward to this as it was the fourth birthday, and also the announcement of the winner of the Polari Prize. Another great evening, with a fantastic, enthusiastic crowd, and I was blown away by the other writers and performers, in particular Neil Alexander's poetry and Karen Mcleod who read a hilarious story about falling in, and then out of, love with Julie Andrews.

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The content of the book is sexist, homophobic, ableist and racist.

To you and whoever is like you goes the following.