Friday, 10 September 2010

Limbo and a jacket design

I feel I'm in a weird kind of limbo. Before I Go to Sleep feels done, yet (while I know my subconscious is beavering away at it), I can't yet focus on the next book until this one has finally been signed off by my editor. Ironically, in my first week of being a full time writer, I've written nothing.

I have been out, though. On Tuesday I went to see DBC Pierre read from - and answer questions about - his new novel, and afterwards enjoyed a lovely supper with my agent, Clare, and a small group of her friends. A few of them had read my book, or at least heard about it, and at one point it was being debated enthusiastically. It was lovely to hear, yet at the same time I had the weirdest sensation, as if the book they were talking about had nothing at all to do with me. It almost felt as if it was something I'd read, a very long time ago, but had had no involvement in the creation of. Perhaps that's normal.

Yesterday, though, it felt very real. I woke to an email from the team at Text, who are publishing my book in Australia and New Zealand. 'We are delighted to show you our cover...' it said. I was still half asleep, but felt almost too anxious to open the email. What if I hated it? What if it looked like the kind of book I wouldn't look twice at? The cover design is so important - probably the main reason someone picks up a book in a store (or, presumably, clicks on it in an online store?) - and the wrong jacket might put off a whole host of potential readers.

So, anyway. I did open the email. And I love the cover. I think it's perfect. It's designed by the art director at Text, Chong Weng Ho.

The Australian Jacket design.

The text at the bottom says 'The best debut novel I have ever read. Tess Gerritsen'. That bit I am particularly happy about!


Robert Guthrie said...

Your journey is inspiring. Good luck & congrats!

Laura Marcella said...

I'm a title-judge, meaning I tend to pick up a book based on a compelling title (rather than the cover like regular people, haha) and the back cover blurb is ultimately what makes me decide to buy it. You've got a compelling title AND a terrific cover! Your novel will look fantastic on the shelves- oh wait, the shelves will be empty because everyone will be buying it!

Congrats and welcome to blogging!

S J Watson said...

Thanks Laura - I hope you're right!