Saturday, 4 September 2010

Next steps

So, with the draft in the hands of my US editor, Claire (yes, there are a lot of people called Claire or Clare in my life at the moment - including a character in Before I Go to Sleep), all is quiet on the book front. Or rather, it is for me, but other people are very busy.

The team at Transworld have had a meeting and come up with a plan. Claire (yes, another one) is working on cover ideas. A copy editor has been secured and hopes to start on it in a couple of weeks with the goal of finishing in early October, then I'll have a week or so to take a look before it's typeset in mid October.

So the plan is to have proofs (two sets!) bound and ready to go pretty soon. And then I'll start to find out what people (i.e. reviewers and other authors) think about the book.

It's all starting to happen...

Meanwhile, with the macaroni cheese/boil-in-the-bag fish debate resolved (for now at least) I've been to the theatre. We went to see "Earthquakes in London". A very good, ambitious play, sort of a 'climate change meets Angels in America'. Thought provoking, but a little too long. It was on at the National Theatre, and we were sat at a sort of curving bar, as if in some kind of futuristic nightclub, as the action took place around us. It was quite something to be that close to the actors, and reminded me a little of the work of Punchdrunk. Theatre that takes place around the audience, not in front of it, and in which the line between audience and production blurs. I think it's interesting, and something that we'll see more of in literature.

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