Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The German Jacket

This is the jacket design for the German translation of Before I Go to Sleep. The title translates as "I Must Not Sleep" which was chosen as the original title doesn't have the same resonance when translated. I love it, and think it's very striking, but what do you think?


liam said...

I would certainly prefer to read more foreign fiction which were translated from German translation to english, or in any languages.Because in that way I could have an idea what do people think,feel or their culture is.When we read books from a foreign country it seems like travelling in that country through the stories plot.We could recognize how they have been living afar from our own culture.

Anonymous said...

I´m from Germany and I just want to say: I love this Book ♥.
I think it is really interesting to see the cover of the other countries. And I'm sure I'll watch the movie.
Cordial greetings from Germany :)