Friday, 22 July 2011

New York Times and a quick update

Wow! Before I Go to Sleep has hit number seven on The New York Times bestseller list! It's also gone up to seven in The Globe and Mail's list in Canada and is back at number nine in The Sunday Times here in the UK. It's also doing really well in France, and the Netherlands, which is wonderful. To say this is a dream come true is the most massive understatement imaginable! I'm so happy and so grateful to everyone who has bought and supported and recommended the book. Thank you.

I spent yesterday on the road with the wonderful and utterly delightful Tess Gerritsen. We did a couple of events together, in Bolton and then in Nottingham, and it was truly an honour for me to be sharing the stage with her. It was also fantastic to meet some of the people who have bought and enjoyed my book - as well as those who have decided to take a chance on it, so thank you to all those who came to say hello or to get their book signed.

Today, it's off to Harrogate for the crime writing festival. I can't wait!

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Emily Winslow said...

So glad your tour is going well!

It was a pleasure to meet you in Cambridge last week, albeit briefly. I hope you had a good evening at Heffers.

I'm taking "Before I Go to Sleep" with me to the States for summer vacation. It's when I have a good book that I'm happy for a long plane ride.