Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What I've been up to today.

Today, the weather in London has been dreadful. So much rain, skies the colour of ash, a pallor hanging over the city that made it just seem...well... dreary. So I've stayed in all afternoon, trying to get on with work, and also thinking about this blog.

I never intended it to be what I think it's becoming -  a sort of dumping ground for news about Before I Go to Sleep for those who haven't read, or aren't inclined to read, my website. I always intended it to be more personal, somewhere I could jot random musings that didn't seem to fit anywhere else, but time factors mean those posts are currently few and far between.

So, what can I do about it? Well, I've made the decision to try to post short entries, but more often. I've  downloaded an app to my phone which will mean I can post on the move (but will probably also mean my posts will be littered with typos - I don't think my fingers are particularly fat, but just can't seem to get on with 'phone keyboards) . We'll see how it goes. Beware, though. There may be photos...

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The Golden Pen said...

Have you ever thought about writing an online Writer's Journal? I have. In it I write tidbits of ideas for future stories; writing excercises, poems and short acedotes relating to the art of writing. Just a thought.