Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Text catalogue and a smelly night out

I just thought I'd share this - it's the new Text catalogue that I received in the post the other day. Text are publishing Before I Go to Sleep in Australia, and here you can see that I've been honoured with a double page spread - very exciting!

Also - I went to a really good event last night. It was called Scratch and Sniff and hosted by Odette Toilette. The theme was Scent and the Pen, and I didn't know what to expect but we were introduced to lots of very interesting scents/perfumes and encouraged to discuss them. (One in particular stood out - the perfumer wanted to create the smell of (and I'm paraphrasing) "a matador who has deflowered a virgin and taken the bloodied sheet into the bullring where he kills the bull"). There were also some interesting speakers who talked, amongst other things, about the difficulty of describing smell, beyond nice/nasty or sweet/sour, then we all had a go at describing the contents of five anonymous bottles before attempting a scent inspire Haiku. All very good fun - and a very different night out.


DEZMOND said...

AH, remind me not to go out with you if we would go smelling matadors :)

Congrats on getting published Down Under!

S J Watson said...

Thanks Dezmond - it smelled a lot nicer than you might think - and certainly very interesting!

Ev said...

Congrats on Oz, books are ridiculously expensive over there, there is a huge second-hand book market because of this. But they'll all buy yours brand new I'm sure!Nice to think of them all sitting by their pools reading your novel.

Anonymous said...

did you get a bottle of the matador perfume? i imagine it might also be available as a scented candle and as intimate feminine spray as well

S J Watson said...

I didn't, though a very good friend of mine did, so I fully intend to raid his (frightfully overstocked) scent cabinet when he least expects it.


Odette Toilette said...

Hi Steve

Just spotted your blog. Glad you enjoyed the event, I remember you from the night. The Matador perfume is called 'Vierges et Toreros' and it's by a range called Etat Libre d'Orange. You think that one's controversial, wait till you see some of the others!

Great news about the book, and hope to see you at a Scratch+Sniff soon.

S J Watson said...

Hi Odette

Thanks for the info - I'd recommend 'Vierges et Toreros' to anyone, and I'm wearing 'Tom of Finland' from the same range right now!

I shall be at the next Scratch and Sniff - all being well. It was certainly a great night!


Odette Toilette said...

Hi Steve,

Lovely, yes Tom of Finland is lovely, good choice!