Thursday, 17 February 2011

Back to Faber and Another Interview

Back at Faber

Last week I went back to the Faber Academy. They invited me in to speak again to the new students (not that new, actually, they're now five weeks into the course). My experience was just as rewarding as last time I was there, in October. Everyone was marvellously engaged and interested, and I hope my advice (work hard, write as much as possible and try to engage fully with the course because it's over before you know it) was useful to them. I worried that I might have made writing sound too much like a job, or a chore. It's not the latter (or shouldn't be all the time - chore implies something that it is unpleasant, which writing shouldn't be all the time, or else why do it?) but I think a lot can be gained from treating it like a job. Like any other job, sometimes you have to put the hours in even when really you'd rather be doing something else and, like any job, sometimes its a struggle and not particularly rewarding. But when it is, it's worth it, (of course!) and crucially I don't believe one can ever tell when one sits down to write whether its going to be a good day or a bad day.

Another interview

Yesterday I was interviewed again, this time for a magazine (details later...). It was another very nice experience - the writer asked really good questions and said he was really enjoying Before I Go to Sleep, which was very gratifying indeed!

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