Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tennis Elbow, or Weave Bin Actress Calm Theophilus Tweak

I've been experiencing pain in my arms for the last few weeks. Not severe, just a dull ache and the odd twinge, and not so bad that I'd see a doctor about it. I'd put it down to my gym routine, in fact, and taken the dull ache to be a sign that my muscles were developing, or something like that. 

Then on Monday it was a little worse than normal, and seemed to be worse as I typed, and worse still as I reached for the trackpad that I use instead of a mouse. Suddenly it hit me. Pain, in my elbows, exacerbated by repetitive exercise? I googled it straight away...

I've never had tennis elbow before, but it seems that's what I've got. It's been confirmed by a physiotherapist, who has told me to rest and given me a stretching exercise to do, and also confirmed that it's because of my keyboard/trackpad set up. (Ironically that's indirectly because of the stand that she suggested I buy a few months ago (to raise my laptop screen to the same level as a desktop would be) which caused me to need the wireless keyboard I now use, so it almost seems I can't win. Stiff neck or painful elbows? You choose...). So I have to change the way I work. I've known people who've suffered with it for years, and suffered to the point that they can't do anything involving their arms without it causing pain, so I hope we can nip it in the bud before it becomes serious. 

I'm going to have to get an ergonomic keyboard and a huge mouse that forces me to move it from my shoulder not my wrist. They might look less elegant than my gorgeous Apple mini keyboard, but needs must. I read on the web about people whose tennis elbow got so bad they couldn't type, or use a pen, at all, and had to resort to speech recognition software. Having used that before I know that, were I to need to resort to it for this blog entry, it would have opened with the line "Weave bin actress calm Theophilus tweaks", which may say more about my speech than the efficacy of the software, but still would never do. It might turn Nine Lives into a rather more experimental novel than I'd envisaged...

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Vikki said...

Sorry to hear about your 'elbow au tennis', I had it a couple of years ago (through knitting rather than writing sadly) but just found it really frustrating. Fingers crossed the pain dissipates soon.

Vikki x