Thursday, 21 April 2011

A package arrives

A package arrived yesterday from my agency. The promotional material for Before I Go to Sleep in Spain! It'll be called No Confies En Nadie, which I believe roughly translates as 'Trust No-one' or 'You Don't Trust Anyone'. Nice title!

And the book will look beautiful in Spain. Kind of a hybrid of the US cover with the Australian typeface on the title. I like it!


James Hughes said...

Absolutely stunning artwork for this Spanish Edition.

I have been looking forward to the novel itself for ages, but will now make the hunt more challenging by seeking out the Spanish hardback.

For the artwork alone, this version will become a much sought after collectors edition of what will undeniably be one of the novels of the 21st century.

S J Watson said...

Thank you! Yes, the Spanish jacket is lovely, isn't it?


James Hughes said...

I have spent the afternoon searching for it online. Struggling to satisfy my desire to have this edition.

Be really cool if I can get it before Harrogate so I can persuade you to sign it with a message in Spanish....