Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A trip to the printers

This journey has been an exhilarating ride, with lots of high points, but yesterday was definitely one of the highest. I went to the printers, and witnessed first hand how my words went from my computer screen all the way to a printed and bound hardback book. It was incredible to see all those huge, huge machines, printing, collating, binding, trimming, glueing, sorting, packing, sealing. Absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately I couldn't take photos in the factory itself (which covers 30 acres, would you believe?!) but here's one of me signing copies of Before I Go to Sleep. I signed quite a few. About 1300, in fact...

They were then stickered and packaged, and even now are on their way to their next destination (i.e the shops!) from where they'll (hopefully) end up in the hands of readers, which is what it's all about of course. I saw the gold edged version, too, that Goldsboro books are going to be selling. They're really special. It's all incredible exciting, and to say it's a dream come true for me must be one of the biggest understatements imaginable!


Ev said...

Absolutely delighted for you. I've been following your journey from afar and have just ordered my copy of the book. May it do really well for you.f I'm

Psychs said...

Just ordered me the 'gold edged version' :o) thats one for my own life long collection. I'll have to buy a cheap paperback to go with it now, i cant wait to read it, the gold edged version is not coming out of its bubblewrap ;o)

All the very best and good look with future publications :o)

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