Thursday, 28 April 2011


It's publication day, in the UK at least! Before I Go to Sleep is available, in the shops! It's an amazing feeling, and really does feel like a dream I've had my whole life has come true. I have a launch party tonight, and I'm very happy...

Very busy, too! Hence it's been a while since I've updated here. By way of a quick round-up, there have been a few reviews and articles in the press over here in the UK, and I've done a couple of radio interviews, too. One will be broadcast tomorrow, at 10pm (GMT) on BBC R2 (The Arts Show). Tune in (or listen on BBC iPlayer, if you're based in the UK). Details here.

We also learned that Before I Go to Sleep has been chosen by Simon Mayo as his book club book of the month for May. Terrifically exciting! Details here.

I also did an interview for BBC Radio WM (West Midlands, where I'm from). Surreal experience, sitting in a small booth just off Oxford Street in London, chatting to a DJ in the West Midlands. Made even more surreal by the fact that I thought it was a prerecord interview so strolled into the booth, sat down, took my coat off, found my phone and switched it off, all in a very leisurely fashion, only to hear a slightly anxious woman in the headphones. I popped them on and said, 'Yeah, hi, I'm just getting settled....' to which she replied, 'We're going live in about 10 seconds...'

A moment later I was on the air, live, chatting to a DJ. In a way I think it worked out for the best - at least I didn't have time to get nervous!

For details of all these things, look at my (brand new!) website, here.


Amanda Ellis said...

Lovely launch party last night – all very, very exciting.
And I'm finding your book un-put-down-able. It's a joy to read.
You're a very talented young man…
Mands xx

S J Watson said...

Thank you so much for coming!



Hi Steve,
Do you have any London events planned?

S J Watson said...

None confirmed as yet - but check my webpage or Facebook page for more details!